What is your right brain worth to you?


...and is that the value you're getting?


This series of videos has been a celebration of the awesome power of your brain.

It only weighs about 1.4 Kilos (3lbs) but it can outperform any supercomputer! It can learn languages, solve equations, write and perform music, paint, dance, tell jokes and accomplish a whole bunch of things we haven't even found ways to measure yet!

It costs almost nothing to run, requires very little maintenance and, best of all, it is always with you and always on (despite how you sometimes feel on Monday mornings).

Putting it simply, your brain is, without doubt, the most amazing organism on the planet by far!  The pinnacle of creation, you might say.

This incredible performance is based on your left brain's capabilities AND your right brain's capabilities AND their ability to collaborate together.

So why is it then that so many people are working so hard to make the most of their potential but, at the same time, completely ignoring one side of their brain?

That is like disconnecting half the cylinders in a Formula 1 engine and still hoping to win the grand prix!

You wouldn't do anything that crazy would you?

Well, maybe it is a bit harsh to say you're completely ignoring your right brain but, are you sure you are making the absolute best use of it?

I have to say that, after 3 decades working as a consultant, in 60 countries around the world, I think very few people are getting as much as they could be from their right brains.

In all probability, neither are you. NOT because you don't want to and NOT because you are doing anything deliberately to make that so. It is simply that you have been conditioned, at school and in your workplace, to use your left brain more than your right - just like everybody else.

But that means you are missing out and that's just not fair.

Industry and commerce love the safety and predictability that left-brained behaviour offers them. In fact, left-brainers are great at making other people rich and successful but here's the problem:


Anything you can do with your left brain can be computerised
or outsourced to a country where the wages are lower!


So, if you want to make yourself as employable as possible, shouldn't you be learning to make better use of your right brain?

I think you should and that is exactly why I spent more than 2 years researching and producing my WHOLE BRAIN THINKING course.

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WHOLE BRAIN THINKING is designed for busy people - just like you - who don't have much spare time and have a limited budget but who want to get better results by using their brain in a more balanced way.


A well balanced brain is better at problem solving, innovation, decision making and creativity


The course is broken down into 20 short segments so you don't have to commit huge blocks of time to it and you can repeat the segments as many times as you want until you feel you have understood everything.

Our brains are better at remembering pictures and graphics than words. So our videos are packed full of rich visual content to make them memorable and fun

This is a very practical course. We aren't just interested in telling people WHAT to do. We want them to understand WHY things work the way they do. It is the WHY that motivates us - especially when things get tricky.

We have included downloadable worksheets to go with all the exersizes in our course so you can join in. It makes the course more enjoyable and you actually learn more as well. How cool is that?

And, you won't be on your own, my team and I are here to answer questions and you can chat with other course members in our comunity forum area.

We are already getting some very encouraging feedback on our WHOLE BRAIN THINKING  course. Here's what a couple of our existing students are saying about it:



"This course has helped me understand how I think and how I can improve the way I look at problems and their solutions. Recommend this to anyone wanting to improve themselves."



"Mark has amazing ability to talk about complex things with ease and simplicity. His engaging stories and exercises throughout the course allow to discover the area of our brain that we can improve. Plus all exercises are fun!

I've finally found the missing puzzle! As a total Bohemian I become conscious now that what I need to focus on and develop to become a Jack - is the Geek part of my brain - and I totally agree with that just never thought this way before so very thankful Mark open my mind into this direction and gave tools to improve it.

Thank you Mark! You rock! :)"



Thoughts so far... (Paul B.)
Considerable food for though here. Only intended to watch the first one this afternoon, with so many things to do, and suddenly find myself half way through
Lecture 4 !

Fascinating insight into the brain and those who have dedicated themselves to its study.

I am pleased to see that my "Jack" score is balanced enough to be creative and organised.

Looking forward to the next lecture.


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 I am really excited about this subject matter because it is so powerful and has the potential to change people lives. Actually, it has the power to change YOUR life!

The course will take you on a journey from the very crude understanding of brain function in the 1960's all the way to our present day thinking and how you can powerfully apply that to your own life.

We are going to look at things like:

    What the terms "left brain" and "right brain" mean

  How we know so much about the way the two sides of our brains work

  What each side of your brain is good at

  The idea of brain bias

  Why your brain is probably biased to one side

  How to work effectively with people who have a different brain bias to yours

  Why you should re-balance your brain

   How to re-balance your right brain

  How to solve problems more easily

  How to make better decisions

  Tuning into your right brain using music, pictures and texture

   How to ignite your creativity

  How to collaborate creatively with other people's right brains


The really good news is that the strategies I am going to show you are really simple and everyone can do them.

The truth is, they are actually a lot of fun!

And, even better, you have picked the perfect time to be checking out this course because we are celebrating the launch of our new web academy with a ridiculously low price!

For the cost of a decent shirt, you could learn how to get the most out of your fantastic brain and, if that's not a bargain, then I don't know what is.

Also, just to make this decision a complete "no brainer", we are offering a no quibble 30-day, money back guarantee.

If you are at all unhappy with this course, then you just need to contact us within 30 days of your verified purchase and we will refund you competely - no questions asked.

So, all that is left is for you to click on the beautiful yellow button below and you could be starting the first video module within minutes...