Your Brain Is Amazing

so why not use all of it?


You arrived on this earth knowing nothing but, within a few short years, you had mastered the difficult art of standing up, had learned at least one language, and had been absorbing millions of pieces of information every day since you got here.

You had discovered that grass doesn’t tatste as good as it looks and that wearing your pants on your head makes grown-ups laugh.

You were fearless in those days; willing to try anything just to see what it was like. Singing, drawing, painting, acting, counting, cooking, writing and reading – you did them all.

And you know what? – most of those activities were driven by your anarchic, creative, fearless and adventurous right brain. The part of you that can’t be replicated and makes you unique.

Sadly, if you are like most of us, employer’s need for consistency and predictability, and the education systems that provide them with the people they need, will gradually have steered you away from your adventurous begginings and taught you to value routine and process instead.

Now, there is nothing wrong with routine and process, and it’s not as if you never do anything creative anymore. It’s just that you have become far better at using your linear, logical, risk-averse left brain than you are at using your right brain.

The trouble begins when crisis strikes.

For some it will be about job cuts because of the economic downturn and the questions will be:

How do I make sure I still have a job when the head count reduction has finished?   Or
How do I maximise my chances of getting another job if I don’t survive this round of job cuts?

For others it might be a relationship crisis or money worries and they will be asking themselves:

“Now what should I do?”

Regardless of the cause of the crisis, the principle is the same:


The thinking that got you into this situation


that will get you out of it.


So where will the new thinking I need come from? That’s right, you’ve guessed it. It’s your amazing right brain that will come to your rescue. And here’s the really good news; the fact that you haven’t been using your creative, imaginitive capabilities very much DOES NOT MEAN that you don’t have them anymore.

They are still there! You just need a confidence boost, and some tools, to help you get re-acquainted with your right brain.

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